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Kayse WiFi



Enterprise WiFi is no longer out of reach for the small business customer thanks to Kayse WiFi.  Kayse WiFi deployments are not only affordable, but now easy to implement and manage.

Kayse WiFi Access Points feature the latest in WiFi 802.11ac MIMO technology – capable of gigabit speeds and ranges up to 400 ft each. Clustering & Roaming technology makes solutions endless.



Our innovative Multi-Lane RF technology isolates signals on the operating channel and removes adjacent channel interference. Wireless capacity and throughput are increased in high-density areas, and multiple APs can operate in close proximity. Multi Lane RF is ideal for providing reliable Wi-Fi in high traffic environments such as public spaces, convention centers, campuses and event venues.



Kayse WiFi makes multi-site management extremely easy and the seamless roaming is just plain awesome. Indoor & Outdoor solutions are available to meet all business needs.

Kayse WiFi offers next generation WiFi wireless solutions across a broad spectrum of industry verticals.

  • Health Care

  • Government & Defense

  • Transportation

  • Enterprise Point to Point & Point to Multi-point

  • Utilities Metering & Monitoring

  • Mining & Oil Remote Exploration


Unlimited Scalability. Build your wireless networks as small or big as you need. Start with one, expand to thousands.

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