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We are the best value with everyday low prices compared to our competition and continue to strive to support you with a well trained and qualified team of employees 365 days a year.

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Freedom Plan
Up to 25 Mbps Download
Best for small business or work-from-home

Say goodbye to buffering and the frustration of surfing the Internet with slow and inconsistent speeds. Connect your world with a more productive lifestyle enabling you to enhance your Internet experience.

If the number of connected devices in your home is increasing and the amount of content continues to grow, you need fast, reliable and affordable Broadband Internet.

Call our Customer Care Team at 888.337.3585 24/7 and let us know how we can help. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and building pleasant relationships with all our customers.

See our service map for coverage area

Our Freedom Plan gives you the speed you need without restraints. Speeds range from 5 Mbps up to 25Mbps.
*Service limited to coverage area of Kayse Internet network. Line of sight to a Kayse access point is required. Many factors may affect speeds. Speeds for downloads and uploads may vary and are not guaranteed. Installation service is limited to one location within the home at no more than 100 feet from antenna. Best antenna placement will be determined by qualified installer. Installation, equipment or equipment rental or other charges may apply. Prices shown do not include any applicable taxes. Pricing and packages may change. Kayse services are subject to the Internet Terms and Conditions and other applicable acceptable use policies. Call for details, availability, minimum system requirements, pricing and service. $100 installation fee & router purchase applies.

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[…] resort. a terrestrial based wireless internet provider. Like wifi, but on a regional scale. Wireless | Kayse not sure if that's local to you or not. You're in LA right? anyway, $45 a month with uncapped […]

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